ECSAF Sex Education Programs

ECSAF Sex Education Programs are for primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, focusing on developing proper attitudes towards sex and providing information and instructions on protection from sexual abuse. An interactive approach is adopted, with the use of a variety of multimedia equipments, animations and games, to make these education outreach programs an interesting learning experience for students. In particular, two mobile classrooms tour local primary schools to deliver sexual abuse preventive messages. We also provide sex education programs to students with learning disabilities, aiming to raise their awareness of the need for protecting one’s own body and respecting those of others. As of 2023, more than 920,000 students have participated in our Sex Education Programs.

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Primary 1 to 3 Students’ Sex Education Program
Primary 5 to 6 Students’ Sex Education Program
Form 1 to 3 Students’ Sex Education Program
Form 1 to 6 Students’ E-Class Sex Education Program
Mentally Handicapped Students’ Sex Education Program
ECSAF Sex Education Week

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