Child Safeguarding Policy

The Foundation is devoted to promoting the protection of children. The objective of this Policy is to define the standards and specifications of the Foundation’s responsibility, ensuring that children are not harmed by staff, related persons. The Policy aims at creating a safe and positive space for children, and also sets the guidelines and monitoring procedures for the appropriate behaviour and boundaries of staff members and related persons when taking care of children.

Applicability (This Policy is applicable to the Foundation’s staff and related persons):

  • Staff refers to all members of the staff, including full-time, part-time and outsourced staff, as well as short-term contract staff.
  • Related persons include all committee members, members, partners and volunteers of the Foundation.

We shall fulfil our commitment to protecting children through the following approach:

  • Awareness: We demand that all staff and related persons ensure safety of children at all times, with a high degree of awareness about child abuse.
  • Prevention: By raising awareness and enforcing positive rules, we ensure all staff and related persons respect every child, minimising the risk of them abusing children.
  • Report: We will make sure all staff and related persons are familiar with the reporting procedures, so that they can respond to instances of child abuse, or when the safety of children is under threat.
  • Response: Upon receiving reports, we will take immediate action to ensure that the children are safe.

When designing/arranging programmes and interacting with children, all staff and related persons should:

will do:

  • Respect the rights, character and dignity of children, considering their best interests at all times.
  • Exhibit professional behaviour at all times to set a positive example for children.
  • Pay attention to the safety and health of each child.
  • Listen to the children and address their issues in a serious manner.
  • Avoid being alone with children and also pay attention to situations where children may be alone with other people.
  • When producing images of children (photos, video), ensure consent is granted by their school/parents/guardians, and avoid any suggestive poses.
  • Take action in accordance with the reporting mechanism when instances of abuse or suspected abuse are discovered.
  • Pay attention to personal behaviour.
  • Observe whether children display abnormal or suspicious behaviour.
  • Understand what constitutes “assault”.
  • Dress appropriately.

will not do:

  • Intentionally humiliate, scorn or belittle the actions of children.
  • Slap, strike, hit children or enforce cruel physical or emotional disciplinary measures.
  • Develop intimate relations with children.
  • Act in ways or make arrangements that would put children at risk of abuse.
  • Speak inappropriately or provocatively to children.
  • Make provocative poses or contact with children.
  • Tolerate, support or participate in actions or speech related to child abuse/disregard of child safety.
  • Treat children unequally or favour a certain child, shunning other children in the process.
  • Display pornographic or indecent material to children on computers, mobile phones, cameras, or other media.

The Foundation commits:

  • It will strive to provide a safe environment for all children participating in its activities.
  • All staff and related persons should be familiar with and follow the Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct.
  • All staff and related persons can access the Foundation’s Child Safeguarding Policy at any time.
  • The Foundation regularly reviews the Child Safeguarding Policy and Practical Guidelines on Prevention of Sexual Harassment.